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What is the TestTrainer?

TestTrainer gives you the great opportunity to once go through a complete online assessment with a total of six different performance procedures.

After all, what is the best way to prepare for an online assessment? It's simple: try it out and take a professional online test, as used by hundreds of thousands of German companies every year.

You go through the TestTrainer just as if you were taking a company's online assessment – only as training! And all for a one-time fee of 14,99 €11.99.

Fortführen Jahreszahlen
Culture Fair
Soll-Ist-Zahlen 2
Synonyme finden
Rechenzeichen 2

What tests do you take in the TestTrainer?

  • Continuation of annual figures
    • Numerical performance
  • Culture Fair Test
    • General cognitive performance
  • Finding synonyms
    • Verbal performance
  • Reviewing target-actual figures
    • Concentration & processing speed
  • Analysing charts
    • Figural inductive performance
  • Arithmetic operators
    • Numerical performance

How does the TestTrainer help you?

The TestTrainer allows you to prepare for an online selection test from the comfort of your own home.

It takes about 60 minutes to complete the TestTrainer. What's good: In between, you will receive tips and tricks – exactly like a good trainer would do – on how you can improve and what you should pay attention to.

At the end, your personal results report will be waiting for you. In it, you will see where you might still have some areas to work on or where you are already doing really well.

Now for a one-time fee of €11.99 (instead of € 14,99 )!

No subscription, completely anonymous, from the comfort of your own home

Your advantages at a glance

Your personal result

Immediately and conveniently from home

Wide range of online tests that also appear in real selection tests

Breaks between test procedures

Scientifically sound

Hints and explanations

Tips and tricks

Just 60 minutes

Professional online recruitment test with six test procedures

TestTrainer – proudly powered by CYQUEST – The Recrutainment Company

CYQUEST has been creating online tests and online assessments for personnel, trainee and student selection for years. CYQUEST online tests are used by many well-known companies and are carried out hundreds of thousands of times each year.

With the TestTrainer, CYQUEST now offers an opportunity to practise scientifically based online tests.